The end of one chapter and the beginning of another

Hello my health and fitness comrades!

April was one heck of a busy/stressful month that flew by in the blink of an eye! I seriously can not believe that today is the last day of the health and fitness contest I’ve been participating in! I went in for my final consultation yesterday. I’ve lost 30lbs, 3 pants sizes, many inches (not sure yet of the exact number) and have gained a lot of strength and muscle. The results of the competition won’t be in until June, but I’m more than content with my results and look forward to continue living this healthy and happy lifestyle. In celebration of my results and in preparation for my upcoming trips in May to New Orleans for a weekend and to Georgia/Alabama Gulf Shores for a week, I went on a summer shopping spree! It was time to get rid of my oversized apparel and get some new appropriate fitting outfits. Here’s what they look like! (The second picture are all dresses, but they’re folded)ImageImage

As you can see, one of my purchases included bikini bottoms. It will be my first time wearing bikini bottoms in about 10 years. I’d be lying if I said I feel 100% comfortable in a bikini at this point, but I’ve been working really hard and I think it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself by wearing one.

I seem to have plateaued at 146lbs. I’ve been this weight for about a month now, but I’m trying not to let it discourage me. All I can do is continue to eat well and exercise regularly. I’ve been absolutely loving the Brooklyn Badass boot camp classes I’ve been taking. I really enjoy working out outdoors with a group of people. It’s been challenging and keeps me motivated. No workout is ever the same.

I just inherited a Vitamix blender! My mother was kind enough to trade her awesome blender for my shitty one because she said I’d get more use out of it. I am completely in love! Since getting it last night, I’ve made 2 smoothies and soup in it. THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! This was the soup from dinner tonight!


Not a great picture, but it was carrot, pepper, zucchini, curry soup w/sauteed kale and I threw a few Trader Joe’s mini chicken cilantro dumplings in there. Delicious and so easy to prepare!

I also got a new job! It’s an entry level position working in Client Services at a post production studio. Essentially it’s being part of an in house waitstaff for the company’s clients with some light reception/office work. Not a dream job, but there is potential to move up within the company and it will pay the bills!

Sorry if this post is a little messy, I’m feeling very scatterbrained at the moment, but I wanted to take time to post updates. I hope everyone else has been doing well! Hopefully once things settle down in the upcoming weeks, I can get to posting regularly! Good night for now and Happy Beginning of May tomorrow!


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