March Recap!

Hello Friends!

I apologize for my leave of absence. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind. Let me fill you in on some of the highlights.

I completed Insanity!


I got weights for home workouts!


I started Chalean Extreme (the weights were purchased to go with this program). I’m only on the first week, but I’m really liking it so far. It’s mostly strength training and definitely different from Insanity, but I think it was the perfect choice for a post-Insanity workout.

I also purchased a Groupon for 20 outdoor bootcamp classes with Brooklyn Bad Ass Fitness. I bought Mike 10 classes so he can go with me on Saturdays. Here’s a link to the groupon if anyone is interested in purchasing it! The deal is still on! Bad Ass Brooklyn Fitness Groupon

April is the last month of the health and fitness contest I’m in, so I’m kicking it into high gear! I’m doing Chalean Extreme (5 workouts a week), 2 bootcamp classes a week (my first one will be this Saturday), and Insanity Core Cardio and Balance once a week (although I might change it for a month one Insanity exercise occasionally, just to switch things up). Here’s a peak at my calendar for April:

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.48.57 PM

I hit 3/4  of the way to my goal weight! (149lbs) Which means so far, I’ve lost 27lbs and have 9 more to go to get to my initial goal weight. I hit it last Thursday, but I was fluctuating back and forth between 149 and 150 so I wanted to wait for it to settle. I will be taking progress pictures tomorrow morning and will post them soon after.

I tried new things!

Sun Butter – very interesting nut butter (made out of sunflower seeds). I really didn’t know what to expect when I picked it up from Trader Joe’s, probably because I’ve never even had sunflower seeds! It was sweeter than I expected. I tried some on a slice of toast with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Granny Smith apple slices. It’s a great alternative to peanut butter for people who have nut allergies. I also tried it in this Sunflower Seed Butter Granola Bar Recipe.

Sindhri Mango


My boyfriend picked some of these guys up from a fruit stand in China town. Delicious! They’re tangier than regular mangoes and I quite enjoyed them.

Vanilla Cultured Coconut Milk


Another purchase from Trader Joe’s. Really yummy dairy-free alternative to yogurt. A bit expensive at 1.40 per cup, but something I’ll definitely indulge in once in a while. I actually had some with my INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS breakfast this morning. Looked a little something like this:


Slice of whole wheat toast with raw almond butter. I took strawberries and blueberries and cooked them in a pan with honey. Put some on top of the toast and some in with the cultured coconut milk with a few multi-grain o’s.

My dad got married! It was a very small event. My dad got engaged about a year and a half ago to his lovely new wife. The ceremony included only very close friends and family followed by dinner at an Italian restaurant. Here I am sandwiched between 2 of my favorite people ever: my grandmother and my aunt.


I unfortunately quit my job at the coffee shop. I had some personal short comings with the owners and the scheduling, so I needed to do what was best for my sanity. I had a music business related job interview last week. I got called back for a trial that happened earlier this week. I think it went well, but I know there are a lot of candidates up for the position. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not getting my hopes up. Still actively sending out my resume and trying hard to find a real full time job.

Overall, can’t complain too much. After finishing Insanity, I took it easy for a few days. I did veer off track from my diet a bit to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day and my dad’s wedding, but I’m back on now! I’ve been solid all week and plan to rock the end of this competition by doing extremely well in my diet and exercise for all of April. It will be just in time for my trips in May to New Orleans and to the Gulf Shores in Alabama for the Hang Out Music Festival. I have short shorts and bathing suits to prepare for!

Hope everyone else has been well! I promise to post progress pictures tomorrow and I also have to post recipes for veggie chilli and a roasted eggplant, tomato, pepper dish I whipped up the other day!


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