Contest News and Better Blogging

I just recently found out that the health and fitness contest I’m taking part in, which began on January first and was supposed to run until March 31st, has been extended until May 1st. Initially, I was a little concerned, mainly because mentally and emotionally, I was prepared for and agreed to a 90 day contest. But I got an email with information about the additional 30 days and I’m kind of excited for it now. The woman running the program (Ethel Baumberg, owner of B Fit Studio) has added a point system to better track our activity during the contest. The point system works like this:

1 Point = maintaining healthy behaviors

  • Every mile you walk (take pictures/ be creative, this is a SELF-REPORT activity)
  • Every time you go to the gym (ask your gym to print out your attendance)
  • Every B Fit class you take (make sure you sign in!)
  • Every workout you do at home (take pictures/ be creative, this is a SELF-REPORT activity)
  • Every challenge you participate in (handstand challenge- take pictures)
  • Every healthy meal you eat (take pictures)
  • Every personal training session
  • Attend our running group (when it begins)
  • Every time you eat breakfast


2 Points = try a new something!

  • Try a new class
  • Try a new food
  • Workout with a friend
  • Increase your workout by time, resistance, type



3 Points = go out of your way, try hard!

  • Attend a workshop for nutrition or fitness
  • Accomplish a goal (you’ll all pick ONE measurable fitness goal each week)
  • Register for a 5K+ and complete it


I think it will be fun to document my progress in this way and share pictures and information with the other contestants.

I also think it will aid me in my goal for better blogging! I know I’ve kind of been slacking in the blogging department because I’ve been so busy, but I really want to improve this blog for myself and anyone who might be reading!


Blogging Goals

Post at least 1 recipe a week with pictures (preferably pictures taken from a camera better than the one on my phone)

Post weekly food and fitness goals and follow each goal throughout the week

Inspirational quotes/stories

Reviews of foods/restaurants/products

Mental/emotional reflections on weight loss

And much more!


I recently broke through the small plateau I hit. Finally fell down to 155lbs from being stuck at 157. I really feel more motivated than ever to continue on this path that I’ve been traveling down. I do have my down moments (which I plan on going more into depth on in an upcoming post), but in general, I’m happier than ever.

And on that note, happy weekend to everyone! I will be posting again very soon!




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