A-juicing we will go!


Last night Mike and I went to his friend Phil’s apartment for Phil’s 30th birthday. I ended up having 2 glasses of wine and a piece of chocolate cake, but I’ve been eating well all week, so it didn’t kill me. I was actually down to 160 this morning, which means I’m 2lbs away from being half way to my goal weight. I’m still having some problems mentally processing my weight loss. I have moments when I feel “huge” but my weight is consistently going down and most of my clothes feel noticeably looser. It’s very weird to me that I will be in the 150’s soon. Hopefully, when I reach 158 and take my progress pictures I will be able to see some visual differences and it will feel more real.

I made some really good vegetarian stuffed peppers the other night that I will post a recipe for when I have some time! I’m also really excited that Mike and I will be starting at 10 day juice cleanse on Monday. I specifically chose to start on Monday because that way, during the juice fast I will have my last 2 days of the first month of Insanity, followed by my rest day on Wednesday and then the recovery week before starting the second month of Insanity. Definitely did not think it would be wise to attempt a juice fast while starting the super intimidating second month of Insanity, so doing it during the recovery week is perfect. I’m actually pretty scared for the second month of Insanity, but I’m going to continue to push myself and I WILL get through it.

My only concern about juicing is making sure I’m able to get fresh juice. Breakfast and dinner I will be able to use my juicer at home, so that won’t be a problem. I looked on seamless and found a place I can order from while I’m at my internship. I haven’t been able to find a place that can delivery to my job at the coffee shop (where I will be for 6 of the 10 days I’m juicing). I guess I will have to make extra juice in the morning and bring it with me to work in my insulated canteen. I know it’s ideal to drink the juice right after it’s been made in order to get all of the nutrients, but I don’t think I really have any other options. If anyone has experience with juicing and has suggestions/recommendations I’d really appreciate it!

I seriously can’t believe that January is just about done already! Before I know it, it will be March 31st (the last day of the health and fitness contest I’m participating in). Obviously, I plan on continuing my health and fitness journey past that date though. My goal is to get to 149lbs by the end of the contest. That would bring me 3/4 way to my goal weight. It would also bring me to what is considered a healthy weight/BMI for my height and I would be the lightest I’ve weighed in years. Gives me tons of motivation to reach that number by then. Only 11lbs to lose in 65 days in order to reach that goal. Very doable.

Can’t wait to go home, do some Insanity, and then relax. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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