Busy Bee

Hello my friends!
Oh what a busy week it has been! Wednesday was the first day of my internship at Warner Bros. Records and I’m loving it so far. It’s definitely keeping me busy. Wednesday was also my rest day from Insanity, which happened just when I needed it to. I was at my internship all day and then afterward, Mike and I went to see my friend Peter in a Puppet Shakespeare performance of Romeo and Juliet! It was a really great show. It consisted of a vibrant and extremely funny cast of actors and actors with puppets. I’m so glad we got to not only support my friend, but enjoy ourselves for a few hours at a wonderful performance. I highly recommend it to anyone in the NYC area 🙂
Yesterday it was back to business! After work/internship Mike and I did Insanity: Cardio Power and Resistance. It was the first day of my second week of Insanity and already I’m feeling results. Every time I repeat an exercise video, I can feel myself getting a little bit better. It’s a gradual process, but I’m definitely pushing myself and I feel wonderful afterwards. I’ve been eating well but plan on having an unhealthy treat as dessert tonight.
This morning I had to pick up 3 dozen doughnuts for an company related event. The doughnuts were ordered from a lovely little place called Doughnut Plant. I had the pleasure of trying an amazing cake doughnut from this shop several weeks ago. When I was working at the LES coffee shop and closing up, I realized that the person working before me had left a bag with an untouched doughnut in it. I contacted her and she said I could take home and have it if I wanted because she was not going to be able to come back for it. I did take it home and it was so good that I inisted everyone in the apartment try a bite of it. So when I heard that I was picking up doughnuts from this location, I knew I had to purchase some for myself and the other members of the apartment. I got one hazelnut, one tresh leces, and one chocolate, all of them cake doughnuts. It will be a nice dessert after our Insanity workout tonight. Plus, picking up the 3 dozen boxes from LES and transporting them through the Subway to Times Square was a bit of a workout in itself! Everything in moderation!
I hope everyone else has had a nice week! I’ll be back to working the coffee shop this weekend, so my schedule doesn’t really slow down, but I’m feeling good. I’ll try to get some new recipes up here when I have a chance, I’ve just been too busy to even try to make anything new. Next Saturday will be my first day off in a while and my only break from the upcoming month. Mike and I are planning to go to The Harry Potter Exhibit that he bought us tickets for as a Christmas present followed by a Groupon he got for a wine and cheese tasting with dinner.
Oh, and has anyone else ever tried food from sNice? I had a smoked tempeh wrap with avocado, mixed greens, tomatoes, cilanto and chipotle dressing from them earlier in the week and it was insanely good. Tons of great vegetarian options.
Have a good weekend everyone! And keep up the good work 🙂

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