Hello fellow health and fitness enthusiasts 🙂 I just finished up a tasty lunch I packed from home not too long ago that looked a little something like this:


1 cup whole wheat pasta, 1/4 cup tomato sauce, 6 (1 serving) Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs, some roasted zucchini and some fresh chopped spinach. Yum!

Last night when I as at the gym, I was trying to come up with a new workout schedule. Recently, I’ve been going to the gym with Mike a nights. He gets out of work at 7pm, so by the time we get to our gym it’s about 8pm and we don’t leave until around 9:30, getting home around 10. This is not an ideal situation for me for several reasons. I personally prefer to workout in the morning, when possible. I feel like it’s better for me to get it over with in the morning. It’s much easier to make an excuse or feel tired at night after a full day of work. Working out in the morning keeps me feeling active and energized throughout the day. Working out at night tends to get in the way of my sleep schedule. I’ve been having trouble getting to bed/staying asleep after late workouts because my body is all I’M ENERGIZED AND AWAKE NOW. So I was originally planning to start Insanity next Monday, but I got to thinking about the logistics of me being able to do Insanity in the morning. Based on my work schedule and the fact that we have roommates who are sleeping early in the morning, it made more sense for me to start Insanity on a Thursday and have my off days be Wednesdays. So I started it! Today was the first day, so I did the Fit Test. I had done the Fit Test over the weekend with Mike as an in home workout when I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I improved on just about all of the exercises (except for the burpees which I think is partially due to the fact that I need new gym sneakers with better traction). Can’t wait to see my improvements by day 63!

After the gym, Mike and I stopped and picked up a bunch of fruits and veggies. I also got a package of firm tofu. I’ve never tried tofu and want to find a good recipe to use for tonight. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I’ve been loading up on veggies a lot lately and find that I’ve been eating much less dairy and meat. The less I have of it, the less I crave it. Today will most likely be a complete vegetarian day, and I believe yesterday was as well, all without going out of my way to do so. Last night we made ourselves raw veggie/hummus tacos. We used Trader Joe’s corn tortillas. They’re really great and the only ingredients are corn, water, and lime! We spread a little hummus on the tortillas, and in mine, I chopped up some raw spinach, zucchini, and carrots. I sliced the rest of my zucchini and put them in the oven with a little oil, salt, and pepper and we ate those as they were. Added some of the leftovers to my lunch!

Only 86 more days of the health and fitness contest I’m involved in and only 62 more days of Insanity. Even though I’ve only just started both of these things, I’m sure the time will fly. More importantly is the fact that once both of these events are gone and over with, I plan on being fit for life and will remember just exactly where I started from and how far I pushed myself.


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