Count Down

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. Tonight was our first time back at the gym since our holiday activities. Dragged my feet on the way there, but as always, definitely glad we went. It’s also a good sign that the staff and regulars recognize us now!

Only 5 more days to my birthday! And only 11 days until I start Insanity! EEEE, I’m nervous but also very excited. I still kind of wish I had a little more time to get into slightly better shape before starting it, but it’s now or never! Starting January, I really have to be on my A game so I can kick butt and win this competition.

Today I also found an awesome Groupon to a healthy organic restaurant I had recently discovered online called GustOrganics. It’s in the West Village and I was planning on checking it out some time in the near future anyhow, but the Groupon deal definitely will make my visit much more affordable. Here’s a link to the deal if anyone is interested: GustOrganics Groupon Deal.

I got my hair cut on Sunday just to change things up a little. I now have bangs for the first time since I was 3 (well there was that one time when I had them poorly cut at Super Cuts when I was 16, but I try not to remember that. It was very short lived). I’m still getting used to them, but I think I like them! Although, they definitely don’t look too flattering post workout haha.

Bangs while at work/before going to the gym:

2012-12-24 13.14.34

Bangs after 30 minute work out and 40 mins of cardio at the gym:

After gym

The rest of my week is consumed of mostly work until my birthday, but definitely going to the gym Saturday and Sunday. I also have some new recipes to post in the near future! But for now, shower, food, and Breaking Bad! Have a good night everyone 🙂


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