Bronchitis. Aint nobody got time for that :(

Hello everyone.

So I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been sick and just found out that I have bronchitis 😦 This puts a big damper on all of my workout plans because it seems to be highly suggested to withhold from strenuous workouts for a least 2 weeks after being sick with something as severe as bronchitis.

But let me fill you in on the last few days.

Saturday Mike and I went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on a bunch of yummy/healthy foods, which is really fortunate because even though I’m sick, I have no excuse to eat junk foods. Sunday I started feeling really sick so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Monday. On Monday, after sitting in a waiting room for 2 hours, the doctor informed me that I have bronchitis. Monday night, Mike dropped off my prescription for me at Rite Aid but they said it wouldn’t be ready until Tuesday morning. So I went to go  pick up my prescription today and they informed me that they didn’t have my insurance information. I told them that I was pretty sure they should have it because I had filled a prescription just a few days ago. After going through the hassle of getting my dad to email me a picture of his card, turns out they did have me in the system (like I said) but they hadn’t filled my prescription. Over 30 minutes later, and after a lot of sweating from my fever breaking, I finally had my prescriptions (I was there for over an hour total).

Now I’m back home resting in bed and trying to figure out the best course of action from here on out. I guess the best thing I can do is just to continue being strict/healthy about my diet. Maybe next week I can start going on some long walks so get at least some form of low intensity exercise in. The worst thing for me to do would be to start working out before my body is ready and end up getting even more sick and further delaying when I can begin to exercise regularly. It’s kind of a bummer, but I’m trying to stay positive about it. I guess better now than in Mid January or February when I really have to be in the swing of things. And I really don’t get sick too often, so hopefully this is the only time for the winter season.

I guess the worst thing about being sick is feeling kind of weak and helpless when what I’m aiming towards feeling is strong and healthy. But, in due time.

I have some pictures from some healthy meals over the past few days that I’ll post at a later time when I’m feeling less lazy/headachey. Hope everyone else is doing well.


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