Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Today was my last day of classes at IAR. It’s a pretty crazy/surreal feeling. I also went on an interview yesterday for a barista position at a coffee shop in BK. The owner told me that out of the 14 people he interviewed, I made the best cappuccino (yay!). I have a training shift Monday morning, so hopefully things work out with that.

Mike and I are heading into NJ tonight for a friend’s birthday party. Tomorrow morning I scheduled an appointment for my starting weight and measurements for the health/fitness contest. I know I won’t like the numbers, but I have confidence that they will move down, soon enough, due to hard work and dedication. On Wednesday we’re flying down to Georgia for Thanksgiving. I seriously can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. This time last year I wasn’t even in school for audio production and engineering. I remember so clearly dropping Mike off at the airport last year. I was groggy because it was an early flight. After he kissed me goodbye and grabbed his luggage from the back seat, he told me he loved me for the first time. I felt so giddy as I drove off that I missed a turn and was briefly lost in Newark, haha.

We’ll be staying at St. Simon’s, on the beach with Mike’s family. I need to pack my sneakers, work out clothes, and find a good beach workout for us to do!  Everything right now is one last hoorah before things get serious! 2 weeks and 3 days from now is when my journey truly begins. In preparation for that, Mike and I will need to take a serious trip to Trader Joe’s. But for now, an easy going weekend with my boyfriend, friends, and family is the best thing I could ask for 🙂


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