Are You Hungry?

One of the biggest steps I had to take while in recovery was truly being aware of my hunger. I think it is an issue most people deal with and may not even be aware of. Food is fuel for your body. You need it to survive. The best way to fuel your body is to divide up your meals into smaller meals that you eat more frequently during the day, rather than 3 large meals.

However, it can be difficult to schedule frequent meals, and even if you can manage to schedule meals in, you may have moments when you question your hunger. Deciding whether you’re truly hungry or not can be a difficult thing. I found this article helpful. (It’s geared towards kids, but the message still applies!)

Hunger Check

One of the biggest advantages to eating small meals throughout the day is that hopefully your body won’t get to the point of being so fuel deprived and hungry that you end up binging on unhealthy foods or consuming unhealthy portions. Keep your hunger in check!

Another good point to make is to be mindful when you eat. It takes time for your mind to register that it’s received food and that you’re full. It is especially difficult for your mind to do this or for you to become aware of that you’re full if you’re taking part in other activities while you eat, and not truly concentrating on your meal.

Just thought I’d share some of this helpful advice when it comes to mindful eating!

These images are related and help as well!

snack attacksmarter snacking



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